Making Connections

Task one:


Emotional, Hardboiled, Nervous, Curious

Victim of Tourrete’s

Lover of Zeod’s sandwiches, Frank Minna, and

Who feels trapped, vulnerable, and crazy

Who needs love, affection, and companionship

Who fears the giant, Japanese men, and anything unrelated to Brooklyn

Who gives you taps on your shoulder, free freak shows, and a headache

Who would like to become Frank Minna, marry Kimmery, and find out who Bailey is

Resident of the friend zone


Task Two

A few key scenes is what I’ll be focusing on for the assignment.

Pages 127-129. It’s the day that Minna died, and Lionel is in mourning. He’s in his room at L&L and is playing sad music, eating and crying.

The reason why I picked this scene is because I think it’s a powerful moment in the novel. The novel is supposed to be filled with suspense and Lionel should be the “hardboiled” character that’s strong and tough and never cracks. In this scene his emotional side breaks free and we can really tell how much frank Minna actually meant to him and what impact him being gone has on Lionel. The scene includes a couple of Tourretic compulsions that I think are one of the main points of the novel. Over the surface Lionel is strong, he doesn’t show his true feelings to any of the Minna Men and acts like it will all be okay. Little do they know that Lionel is heartbroken and devastated that his father figure has passed and he doesn’t know why or how but blames it on himself. This scene also includes a flashback of Frank and Lionel in the car listening to music that Frank hates but Lionel discovers that he actually likes. Flashback= reminiscing about moments with Frank. Religious comparison ; the alcohol and the sandwich (he refers to it as the body and the blood) and then quickly replaces it by the turkey and the booze because he realizes he is not one bit religious but still toasts the meal to Minna. Comparing Prince’s music to sexual pleasure and food. The tone is very melancholic and heavy. metaphors; *Prince’s music is my brain’s balm*

Task Three

Compare with a scene that his emotions get the best of him or a scene that his emotions are the main point. OR contrast with a scene that he shows no emotion and is cold.


Konstantina Vanikiotis


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