Making Connections

Task 1 Julia GRaziani


Tourette’s, loneliness, bold, and intelligent.

Friend of himself.

Lover of mystery, Kimmery and Frank.

Who feels guilt, ashamed, and his Tourette’s.

Who needs love, self-acceptance, and a companion.

Who fears his own self, his mind and of what’s next to come or not to come.

Who gives devotion, respect and loyalty.

Who would like to be normal, sane and accepted.

Resident of the Tourette syndrome.



Task 2

On pages 128-129 Lionel is sitting in L & L eating sandwiches thinking and grieving about Frank Minna.

Lionel tells the readers, “I put the song on repeat and sat in the light of my candle and waited for the tears” which shows a different side of Lionel that we have’t seen before, we see his heartbreak (128).  This romantic candle light and elegant song playing in the background somewhat shows a feminine side of Lionel. It’s as if Frank Minna was the love of his life and he had just broken up with Lionel, not even Frank’s wife, Julia, felt as much, or any, remorse.

When Frank was still around, Lionel’s tics would add to six, for example “six turkey-sandwich portions,” or six taps on the shoulder in six seconds, etc (128). However when Minna was out of the picture, Lionel got accustomed to  five tics per every aspect where his Tourette’s syndrome would come out to show its own existence in Lionel’s mind.

Task 3

The above scene reminds me of pages 310-311 where Lionel feels a self-recognition of what he has just discovered. As in the above scene, Lionel “killed the music, blew out the candle”  indicating a foreshadow of how Lionel reacts at the very end of the novel (129). Lionel “killed” the outcome of the story that he had discovered, and “blew out the candle” as a sense of moving on with his life and the past he shared with Frank Minna (129). Whereas at the end of the novel Lionel finally comes to a realization that Frank was, yes a part of him, but he is not his whole life. Lionel’s sense of moving on is shown when he even wishes he didn’t to ride “that train” or that lifestyle ever again (310).

Julia Graziani


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