Making Connections

Task 1 


Tourette’s, large, loves figuring things out, hard headed

Friend of Minna

Lover of himself, the Zeod, people around him

Who feels, lost, misunderstood, loved

Who needs the acceptance of others, finding himself, not feel guilty

Who fears, the giant, his tics, his future

Who gives advise, his attention, his humour

Who would like to be in charge, have connections with Kimmery, himself

Resident of L&L



Task 2

Lionel’s tics as part of the language. In this I feel that Lionel’s tic plays an important role in the overall theme in this novel.

Through the pages 28 -35 is the hospital scene. This scene is when Minna is in surgery . Gilbert and Lionel are waiting in the hospital room. Lionel’s tics are very present in this scene and I feel like this scene is where the book really begins. His tics are brought on by stress which means his tics were much worse in the hospital when Minna was in surgery. What I find interesting in this scene is that it was in the hospital. In a hospital setting I would have guessed that his tics would not have been such an issue for people, including the staff. I would have thought that doctor’s and nurses would see his tics as a symptom of tourette’s and not as if he was some odd creature from another planet.

Other things I took from these pages were how the people he was with , in a way, protected him. When Albert( the security guard) is bothering Lionel and telling him to leave, Lionel’s friends say that he does have a condition and to leave them alone. In this scene I feel like Lionel is strongly accepted by his friends, which is a huge part of him feeling loved. Although Minna is in surgery and they are all under a great deal of stress, they still manage to stay together.

When first reading this scene, I felt less connected to it. After reading it carefully I see that it does have many different messages and a very good introduction of how Lionel’s tics work and how the rest of the novel will play out.

Task 3

Lionel’s tics are everywhere in this novel, I find they are the basis of it. When looking at another scene that is a strong ” tic scene” I would look to pages 195- 205. This scene is when Lionel went to the meditation center to meditate with Kimmery. This scene is the same tics we see in the first scene , but this time, we see the reactions of the people around him are much different. In this scene Lionel gets beat up for his uncontrollable tics. Everyone looks at him like he is a freak show , which is similar to the people in the hospital waiting room.

This scene is a little different since the location is a quiet , Buddhist place. Obviously it is not correct for people to blurt out during meditation, but I think Lionel’s thoughts in this scene is what’s most important. He knows he shouldn’t be blurting out things during this  but he cannot control his mind to not have these thoughts. His language adds to this scene because it is what causes the issue.


Siobhan McDonagh


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