Making Connections

Task one: Warm-up


Tourette, loneliness, no lover, crazy.

Coworker of Frank Minna.

Lover of detective, of Julia and of unusual stuff.

Who feels that he is alone, not have a family, he is useless in this world.

Who needs family, his own job and some inspiration.

Who fears to be alone in this world, to die and to change everything in his life.

Who gives smile,  (three items)

Line 9: Who would like to (three items)

Line 10: Resident of __________ (you could say Brooklyn, or you could say something else? Doesn’t have to be a physical place)

Line 11: Last name

Task two: Close reading of a scene

On page 98-105 is when Julia and Lionel meeting they have a nice conversation between them. We can see a big changes of Lionel character.

The dialogue in this scene so interesting because we can actually see that their conversation began to be so official, but when we see that it changes to something more sexual. I think this happen because Julia was packing her clothes to leave, but Lionel was there at this moment, so he reacts to this so much that his tics starts to get out of his mouth and on his head it was a lot of what is going on.

When she shoes a dress to Lionel, he  starts to change:

“God, look at this dresses,” she said as she pocked through the rack of hangers. her voice was suddenly choked. “You see these?”

I nodded.

“They’re worth more than the car service put together.”


“This isn’t how I dress, really. This isn’t how I look. I don’t even like these dresses.”

“How do you look?”

“You could never imagine. I can barely remember, myself. Before Frank dressed me up.”

“Show me.”

He actually understand that he can see something that maybe he will never see and do again in his life. When he saw her breasts his tic get out “Doublebreasts”. ….

Task three: Making connections

The above scene reminds me of the scene with Kimmery, when they were in her apartment. The situation starts to repeat as with Julia.There were talk a lot about Zen teacher, giant and everything else on what Lionel interesting in. but they change their conversation again, as with Julia.

“The words.”

“I don’t really need to when you’re touching my hand like that.”

“I like to.”

“Touch?” Touch shoulders, touch penguins, touch Kimmery – who didn’t like to touch? Why shouldn’t she? But this vaguest of questions was all I could manage. I wasn’t only strange to her, I was strange to myself at that moment: tugging, lulled, resistant. Conworried.

Later, we see situation when they are kissing ……


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