Making Connections

By Neta Fudim


Lonely, insecure, different, but clever

Disciple of Minna, loyal servant of the L&L

Lover of words, obsessions and heartaches

Who feels neither acceptance, nor tenderness nor peace

Who needs a role to play, a place to be, and a purpose to fill

Who fears himself, his mouth, his brain

Who gives forgiveness, loyalty and

Who would like to be loved, be in control and be himself

Resident of Crazyville

Line 11: Essrog



Scene: Lionel is questioning Kimmery and speaking to her for the first time at the Zendo. (Pages 135-141)

Lionel is portrayed in an interesting way in this scene given that Kimmery’s appearance makes his character seem more unique and less of a twisted version of Frank Minna. It is almost as if he was mirroring Kimmery’s zen aura trying to impress her. This scene gives new insight into what kind of a person Lionel Essrog truly is and how he functions under new and unfamiliar circumstances. For the first time in the novel, he pursues his own independent mission for revenge. However, the unexpected tic less force field catches him off-guard.

Task #3:

Lionel’s conversation with Julia

This scene was very different from the one with Kimmery. The scene where Lionel is speaking to Julia is charged with bitterness and regret compared to the zen energy that seemed to flow out of the page when he was with Kimmery. Once again, Lionel is very influenced by the woman in his presence. She belittles him and he accepts it, gradually showing more of the insecure side of his personality. Just like with kimmery, Julia alleviates some of Lionel’s tics by letting him touch her breasts. She does this to manipulate him which shows how easily Lionel is taken advantage.



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