Making Connections

by Claudia Keurdjekian

Task #1:


Alienated, puzzled, creative and tug-boater

Friend of the Minna Men and enemy of Ull(men)

Lover of jokes, nature and great mysteries

Who feels like a fish out of water

Who needs love, acceptance and appreciation

Who fears of rejection

Who gives his very best

Who would like to be free, loved and respected

Resident of the city of the darkness


Task #2:

p. 308-309

Kimmery tells Lionel she’s going back with her ex-boyfriend Stephen. We are at the very end of the novel. Lionel is so shocked that nothing comes out from his mouth, he just stands there.

This is a very emotional part of the novel for Lionel because he just finds out that Kimmery doesn’t really like him. He really had feelings for her and was expecting them to get together. Kimmery was the only one who would accept him for who he is. She gave him Chope when he hadn’t any. When Kimmery announced that she was going back with his old boyfriend, Lionel was crushed. Lionel learns that Kimmery doesn’t really love him and they’re not meant to be. Lionel had been searching for love for so long and in the end he isn’t able to get it. Kimmery was just a one night stand.

Task #3:

p. 135-141: Lionel meets Kimmery.

When Lionel meets Kimmery for the first time, they get along so well and there’s some kind of chemistry between them. Compared to the last time they see each other it’s the happiest scene. And after their first meeting, everything just goes down hill. The above scenes contrast with the first time they met because it’s the complete opposite. They are breaking up and there is no spark at all. Kimmery is not like how she used to be, Lionel either. The first and last scenes of Kimmery and Lionel are both important parts of the novel. Lionel emotions change during these scenes.

Claudia Keurdjekian


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