Making Connections




Task 1




Insecure, passionate, detective and Tourette’s


Friend of Tony, Gilbert, Danny and Minna


Lover of no one


Who feels alone, outcast and different


Who needs love, acceptance and Kimmery


Who fears Old Italian men, the giant and answers


Task #2


308-309. At this point in the novel Lionel finds out the truth behind the killings of Frank Minna and Tony. This is the final pages of the story so we are getting to are conclusion we now know the results of the investigation but we don’t know if Lionel finds love. In this scene we get are answer, Kimmery tells Lionel she’s moving back in with the Oreo man which leaves Lionel in despair.


It stands out because love is a major conflict that Lionel is dealing with through the book. Unfortunely for him it doesn’t pan out in his favor



Task 3


Comparing: Lionel’s first interaction with Julia and Lionel’s first interaction with Kimmery.


The scenes above are similar because we see how Lionel is the first time he interacts with women. In both cases Lionel starts to get nervous and then ends up ticcing uncontrollably. We learn through these two scenes that Lionel doesn’t have many interaction with women so that is why his brain can control the situation.



Anthony Sciola



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