Making Connection







Detective, Lovely, different

Fiend of Frank

Lover of Kimmery,

Who feels sad,

Who needs love

Who fears of his appearance, feelings

Who gives


Task2 :

The scene is when Kimmery announces at Lionel that she is going back with Stephen (308-311). That is one of the few key scenes on the novel. As we know during the novel Lionel always wanted love and at the end he realized Kimmery is not in love for him. This scene


This above scene reminds me the scene with Julia. At the beginning of the novel, Lionel stared to have feelings for Julia and ended the same way as Kimmery. I think it is a pretty good comparison because this scene and the scene with Kimmery sounds to have the same mood where the mood is kind of sad and Lionel’s though tell us how disappointed he is to no find love that he is looking for from the beginning. Another comparison that seems similar is that both scenes, Lionel doesn’t have the power of the situation, both Julia and Kimmery have the power, means both are the person who can change the situation so that can makes Lionel first real love.



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