Lionel’s world


lonely, resistant, details oriented, loyal

Friend of devotion

Lover of Zeod’s, order, observation

Who feels the music, guilt, vengeance

Who needs affection, family, sense of belonging

Who fears feelings, lost, sleep

Who gives time, reflection, stubbornness

Who would like to be accepted, to find inner peace, o feel free

Resident of inner thoughts


Task two  

I love people and I love working with people, but most of all I like analyzing people and their actions. Why people act in certain ways in different situations? What instincts do they follow? Lionel is an interesting character and his inner world, and instincts are worth to be analyzed. He has mixed feelings at the same time. I love the way his character changes and evolves during the novel. If I had to choose a specific scene from the novel that describes the best those related by me, I would choose one of the final scenes. It is impressive how one paragraph can relate many aspects of Lionel character at the same time. I chose to focus on the paragraph from page 310 where Lionel talks about vengeance. In this scene, I discovered a new side of Lionel, and I guess Lionel as well. This is the first time he reflects about revenge, he mentions once in the book before, but this is the paragraph he realizes that he was controlled by that feeling: “Vengeance was another story entirely. I’d have o think about vengeance.” I think Lionel followed his instincts throughout the novel, but in the end he understood that vengeance is what he feels, more than guilt.

Task three 

To back up those said above I chose another scene from the novel where Lionel gives a thought to his feelings. He mentions that sometimes is good not to give too much time to your thoughts and feelings, otherwise you risk to be too obsessed: “About leaving it between hings so you don’t get too obsessed.” (258) This statement reminds me of the scene where he talks about the vengeance, he acknowledged that he was “affected by” the virus was “eating” him inside, and he probably was confusing it with guilt.

Marcela S.



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