Lionel’s Connections


Observer, freakshow, Detective

Enemy of all that oppose Frank Minna

lover of sandwiches, Kimmery and words

who feels vengeance, love and lost

who needs closure, family, and true love

who fears

who gives loyalty, punch lines and confusion

who would like to be a leader, understood and part of the butt trust

Resident of

Task 2

The aspect I have chosen to write about is what is compelling about Lionel and who would I choose to play his character. One of the most compelling traits about Lionel is how observant he can be. He shows this aspect many times throughout the book ” Gerard nodded ever so lightly at the giant and the giant nodded back. That was all it took. The same team that had doomed Frank Minna was back in the saddle . I would be the sequel.” (pg.203) This small scene shows the awareness of Lionel and how he is able to pick up on the small details because he was observing everyone closely t the Zendo. Even with the slightest of nods he was able to put two and two together that Gerard was working with the giant and that they were probably the ones who killed Frank Minna. The next aspect of Lionel’s character that stands out in the novel is his ability to never give up and keep trying even when told not to. His tenacity is something that drives this novel because without it he would not have kept searching for Minnas killer after being warned not to verbally and physically. Lionel was warned by multiple people from Matricardi and Rockaforte  to Gerard Minna himself not to go looking for Frank Minnas killer.  Lionel is someone who has Tourettes syndrome and so he sometimes has verbal outburst which can cause surprise an confusion for those who do not know him. Lionel is able to use this condition to his advantage because people tend to believe he is not as smart as he actually is and so underestimate him.

Task 3

When Lionel observed the very subtle interaction between Gerard and the giant it  was similar to another scene in the novel where he noticed another subtle change. When he went to see Matricardi and Rockaforte he noticed the brownstone wasn’t used as much as before ” The air in the room swam with the stirred dust, as though Matricardi and Rockaforte had arrived just a few moments before. They visited visited their Brooklyn shrine less often than the past, I supposed.” (pg. 173)


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