Lionel: Wheels Within Wheels


An outcast, abstract, and strange.

Friend of a father figure and a unwanted friendship with words.

Lover of artery clogging foods, expression and a false sense of love.

Who feels secluded, untouched and unwanted.

Who needs understanding, affection and an answer.

Who fears the dark parts of reality, the lack of trust within his surroundings and never knowing true love.

Who gives unexpected childhood kisses, gives a determination a new meaning and gives a sense of hope.

Who would like to be accepted, find a killer and be something other than his Tourette’s.

Resident of the chaos inside his head.


Task two:

The aspect I have chosen to write about is regarding Lionel’s character. The part I found most significant with Lionel’s character is how he lack self-esteem. He considers himself to be this big freak just like everyone else does. Lionel has described himself as “me, I became a walking joke, preposterous, improbable, unseeable. My outbursts, utterances and tappings were white noise or static, irritating but tolerated and finally boring unless they happened to provoke a response from some unsavvy adult (…)I wasn’t tough, provocative, stylish, self-destructive, sexy (…) I was merely crazy” (83). This leads into the other important aspect of Lionel’s character which is his ability to push through his Tourette’s and continue. Lionel’s Tourette’s has put him in numerous uncomfortable situations, whether it be his never ending tapping on the doctors shoulder after receiving the horrible news about Minna or asking an investigative officer to “fuckmeblackcop” (112). Lionel always manages to push through his Tourette’s and attempts to almost ignore it eve though  not everyone else can. An example of his courage in seeing past his syndrome is the moment where he is in the same place as Fujisaki. Lionel enters the place and begins to talk with the Fujisaki men and starts to tic in response.

Task three:

The above scene reminds me of Lionel’s courage when he was standing up to Tony even with a gun pointed at him. Lionel was courageous enough to go with his intuition, even if that meant going against Tony. He did not hesitate in confronting him and questioning him to his face. After Tony pointed the gun at Lionel he did not change his opinions but rather continued to push Tony. As Tony and Lionel sat in the car questioning each other, Tony was waving the gun around and Lionel did not move. Instead Lionel sarcastically responded to Tony’s notion of Minna being two different people by stating “I supposed it was the smart Frank Minna who taught you to wave guns around” (184). This passage shows Lionel’s fearlessness and courage like in the further scenes with Fujisaki.


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