Lionel in Thought; Lionel in Speech

Chosen aspect: (idea) Lionel in Thought; Lionel in Speech

The major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. This should include the narrator’s inner conflict. (the conflicting Lionels: what he thinks vs what is said… underestimated) (300) (57)

Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?

Task 1 Poem


Meticulous, Tourretic genius; a poet in a storm

Friend/lover of sex, driving and food, that keep him in the norm

Who feels underestimated and rejected; different in every way

Who needs food and sex and Kimmery, to keep his storm at bay

Who fears

Who gives

Who would like to

Resident of his Tourett’s



Task 2 Scene

Close reading pages: 109-116


After going to see Julia to tell her about the death of her husband, Lionel got cornered by the detective and was forced into an “interrogation”. He takes the cop to Zeod’s and then The Casino before walking back to the L&L.

Train of thought…

Throughout this entire scene, we get to see just how easily people underestimate Lionel. Although the cop tries to interrogate Lionel, he cannot get any information out of him, which Lionel is very well aware of (116). The fact that the cop cannot even get Lionel’s name proves this. This scene is actually quite funny because of the role-reversal. The cop is supposed to be gathering information in order to find Frank Minna’s killer, but he is the one giving out information. Lionel learns a lot from the cop, which he plans to use to find the killer, which is supposed to be the cop’s job. Lionel intentionally brought him to Zeod’s, knowing that he would be called Crazy man. Calling Lionel crazy would hopefully hint the cop into lowering his guard, thinking that we would have the upper hand over a crazy person. This passage in the novel demonstrates just how smart Lionel actually is.

Task 3 Making Connections

Contrast with his meeting with Gerard

Compare with encounters with everyday people; Lionel in public

Charlotte Lapointe



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