Impulsive, compulsive, responsive, repulsive

Friend of Bailey

Lover of gut wrenching frustrational outburstional outburts, mothers,

Who feels everything, himself and the cushioned shoulder pad of a friendly enemy

Who needs to take the world in his harsh hands and comfort it with a silk blanket


Task One: Close reading of a scene

The scene that fits comfortably with the ideas I will be exploring is when Lionel fully decides to take matters in to his own hands. The stakeout of L&L and the Giant. A stakeout within a stakeout. 245-249

This scene is saturated with beautiful language as well as vulgarity which makes it so much better. At this point, Lionel has not slept for quite a while and its about 3-4 in the morning. One could say that at that time ideas flourish in a realm of drowsiness. I feel like at this time nothing is like the day, it has a more magical feeling to it, where things don’t really have to make sense. The darkness of it all, but a slither of light coming from Zeod’s. That has to mean something?

I think the main focus in relation to my idea is the little segment about Insomnia and the call with Tony. “Insomnia is avariant of Tourrete’s-the waking brain races, sampling the world after the world has turned away, touching it everywhere, refusing to settle, to join the collective nod” (246).

This is then followed by the last conversation that Lionel has with Tony, until they go off to Maine to deal with Fujisaki and the Polish Titan. (248).


Task Three: Compare & Contrast

The scene above reminded me of first pages of the book when Lionel starts with a description of his outburts “the words rush out of the conucopia of my brain to course over the surface of the world, tickling reality like fingers on piano keys. Caressing, nudging. They’re an invisible army on a peacekeeping mission, a peaceable horde” (1). Similarly, the next segment is the men enjoying  burgers from White castle. We are just given such a juicy description of whatever is in Lionel’s head followed by such a generic scene of two men eating burgers in car. Additionally, we see the verbal conversations that the two men have which is very brief.


Lucas Tremblay-Moll


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