Task One


Compulsive, focused, large and tough.

Friend of spoken word.

Lover of smoke meat, Prince, and Red Label.

Who feels different, special, but not alone.

Who needs Minna, contact, and structure.

Who fears loss, change,  and emotion.

Who gives

Who would like to

Resident of



Task Two

119 – 129

At this point in the novel Lionel is still in the first legs of his detective work for Minna’s murder. Lionel has now come back from his encounter with the police detective and Minna’s Wife.

Essentially the scene here shows that lionel feels the need to guilt over the death of Minna, he doesn’t feel the need to be with the others who were close with Minna, but rather he stays alone in his home and mourns over his friend’s passing. The interesting aspect of his character is that he feels emotion so strongly within himself, but he doesn’t have the ability to actually show it through is outward character. The turrets within him actually collides with the emotion he wants to feel  “If I didn’t stem my syndrome’s needs I would never clear a space in which my own sorrow could dwell.”(127) This part of his character makes it a curious thing to consider how Lionel manages his inside emotions considering he needs to pretty much sacrifice time for every part of himself. When is syndrome takes over, he basically needs to let it consume him like a dream, in the effort to allow the room for himself to shine through.

Task Three


Paquette, Luc


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