FrEakShOw ToWn

Task one : Warm-up


Impulsive , strange , perfectionist , childish are your true nature

Friend of Danny

Lover of Kimmery  , tangled love

Who feels different , frustrated , misunderstood

Who needs nurturing , woman comforting , be covered with a veil of warmth and comprehension

Who fears Matricardi and Rockaforte , tic during worst moments and failure

Who gives attention , devotion for his quest , details

Who would like to be unstoppable , considered as a human being not an entity , understand true meaning of love

Resident of weirdness , capital of Freakshow town



Task two : Close reading of a scene


In this passage , Lionel stood at the rail at the sea edge of the lighthouse tower with Julia , throwing specifically  five objects .

How does the aspect you’ve chose to write about stand out in this scene?

Aspect :What’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character ?

At this moment of the novel ,surprisingly  Lionel’s tics come out not as an undesired outburst but as his last resort to convince Julia to believe him .Interestingly , his Tourettic syndromes  not only manifest itself through vocal outbursts but also through manners , gestures and  repeated actions . A great example of this new manifestation , is when he decides to throw not four , nor six  , but rather  five precise objects . Here , we can feel that Lionel Essrog is in a way saying his last words , which creates  a sort of  ” funeral ceremony  ” ambiance to bury the end of a mysterious quest : Who killed Frank Minna ?

Task three : Make further connections


The above scene reminds me of the scene when Lionel taps the shoulder of Minna . Here , the narrator uses a bit of humor to describe Lionel’s tics . Once again Essrog’s ticcing gestures are important key scenes to the understanding of his uncontrollable impulses . In this passage when Lionel said that : “Fifteen- year-old and reached  out for his twenty -five -year-old street punk’s bomber-jacketed shoulders.(…)if Frank Minna were a statue instead of flesh and blood I’ve buffed that spot to a high shine (..)” (Lethem , 6)

Hence , in this scene Lionel shows that he tapped Minna’s shoulder so many times that his coworker is longer bothered by his manners .

Leila  Bencherif





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