Finding the roads in the map

Task 1


Delusional, bizarre, silly and caring

Friend of the society and enemy of the criminals

Lover of the liars,

Who feels lonely, sick and outcast

Who needs affection, satisfaction and recognition

Who fears

Who gives

Who would like to make a change,….

Resident of the world




Task 2

First of all, the aspect that I want to focus for my film adaptation is on the major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. The first problem that the reader sees when reading the novel is the mystery behind Frank’s assassination. However, there are other problem. The novel is focusing on a character that suffers from an inner conflict and how he deals with his problem. Lionel suffers of Tourette and the novel demonstrates how he evolves with his syndrome.  Lionel has been raised by Frank. Frank becomes like a father figure to him and he wants to follow his footsteps. He sees Frank as the good guy. However, after breaking down all the untold mystery of Frank, Lionel reacts in a way that the reader thinks that he finally acknowledges the true personality of Frank. After the scene where Julia faces Frank with a gun, Lionel says; “ I threw [Minna’s beeper] as far as I could , but it didn’t have enough heft to keep from being knocked down by the wind.”(302) The fact that he’s throwing Minna’s beeper and later his right shoe might have a symbolic meaning. Also, the ocean can have a significant meaning in this scene. The ocean is a way that clears all of this. He throws all of these things to get them out of his life. But, for Minna’s beeper it doesn’t work. The wind brings it back. This demonstrates that Lionel can erase Frank from his life. He long lives inside him.


Task 3

The above scene contrasts with the scene when Lionel takes Minna’s beeper for the first time. The fact that he has his beeper makes him feel like he is the next Frank. He is in charge of everything. This gives him more confidence to pursue the investigation. As a reader, you see the Lionel is lacking a personality. He is dependent on Frank and doesn’t know who is he. He does not have a good self-esteem.

Ilyas Mohamed


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