connections lab

Task 1



Tourretic, freak show, outcast, determined

Friend of the Minna men

Lover of Minna

Who feels alone, disappointment, anger

Who needs companionship, acceptance, love

Who fears loneliness, outbursts, disappointment

Who gives himself to others,

Who would like to solve the case, find companionship and be normal

Resident of Brooklyn, L&L, his tics


Task 2

The pages I have chosen for this task is 302-303. Lionel is at the beach with Julia and finally finds closure with the case.

This scene is extremely powerful. Lionel throws, Tony’s gun, Julia gun, Minna beeper, the doorman cellphone and his shoe. Each thing he threw had large amount of symbolism attached to it. By throwing Tony’s gun, lionel demonstrates detachment with tony. He understands tony is gone and that he had done as much as he can to try to help but he was gone now and finally accepted it. By throwing Julia gun he shows that he is done with the Minna women. He speaks with her prior to this and during this conversation he understands Julia needs to be on her own for once in a long time. She had been “prisoner” of the Minna brothers and of the Brooklyn troubles and now they were finally over and she had to live her life that she’d been present physically but absent mentally for so long. The third thing he through was Minna beeper. By throwing Minna beeper it shows how Lionel finally accepts that Minna is gone. He finally understands that it wasn’t his fault that Minna died and that he did not disappoint him in his death.

  • He accepts the fact hes one and can move on
  • By throwing object 4 it shows how he accepts the end result of the case and moves on.
  • By throwing 5th object, his shoe, a piece of his clothing, it can be symbolism that he is throwing away a part of himself.



Task 3

This scene compares with the scene with the scene that Lionel is with her in the apartment because…


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