Alexa Nunziato

Task 1 

Line 1: Lionel

Line 2: Tics, Frank Minna, Brooklyn, clingy,

Line 3: Friend of Danny

Line 4: Lover of sandwiches, Kimmery, the number 6

Line 5: Who feels self-loath, loneliness, determination, guilt

Line 6: Who needs love, companionship, acceptance, self-worth

Line 7: Who fears rejection, betrayal, the giant

Line 8: Who gives bad jokes, uneasiness, strong friendships

Line 9: Who would like to find love, find Minna’s killer, a home

Line 10: Resident of Brooklyn, the Minna Men, the fake car service shop.

Line 11: Essrog

Task 2 

On page 211, Lionel is welcomed into Kimmery’s apartment with the intention of getting new information that would help solve the crime. It cannot be ignore however, that Lionel feels a strong attraction to Kimmery as well, which might we know might get in the way of his investigation.  Lionel had just been beaten up by the so-called giant, in Lionel’s terms, and was feeling paranoid inside of Kimmery’s apartment. Usually, Lionel does not show many signs of fear concerning this giant, but expectedly this time he’s afraid. Taking refuge in Kimmery’s apartment, they take this opportunity to learn more about each other. Kimmery got to experience Lionel’s tourettic side as she says, “You say really weird stuff when you get angry” (213). Kimmery is questioning the crime, his motives, and even defends some of the potential perpetrators Lionel had in mind. What really stood out in their discussion was when Kimmery asks, “who’s Frank Minna?” (215). This question properly light up an important response. Lionel tells Kimmery, “if I stared answering it I’d never have finished. Frank MInna is a mover and talker, a word and a gesture, a detective and a fool. Frank Minna c’est moi”. I wanted to focus on the connection between how Lionel feels about Kimmery, his neediness towards her and how he feels about Frank Minna and his case. Although he does have strong feelings and the need to be with Kimmery, as we can see after this seen, we need to understand why. Lionel feels lonely, and the need for self-acceptance. He seeks this acceptance through finding love, and attention. He looks for relationships with people to compensate for the relationship he lacks with himself. Although this need is a huge priority for Lionel, finding Frank’s killer is more important. He says that he IS Frank Minna. That is a sign that he still has not found his identity. He identifies himself with the one person he looked up to the most, the one person he feels responsible for. The guilt of not being able to save Frank Minna is eating Lionel up inside. I still have not figured out how to relate the guilt he feels and the need to solve this crime with Lionel’s issues self-acceptance and lack of love. He needs to find his own place in this world.

Task 3 

On page 260, we witness Lionel’s obsession with Kimmery. This relates to the connection he feels with Kimmery when he first goes to her apartment. He is clearly obsessed with her as he keeps calling up her phone. Kimmery tells him to stop and at this point in the novel we feel bad for Lionel. Anyone who has experienced rejection, or repeated rejection on Lionel’s part, can relate to how he feels during that scene.


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