Lonely, trapped, confused, and awakened

Friend of Frank Minna

Lover of mysteries

Who feels stuck, eager, and agitated

Who needs compassion, attention, and acknowledgement.

Who fears guilt, betrayal, and his own mind

Who gives friendship, devotion and time.

Who would like to speak freely, feel and embrace life.

Resident of his own subconscious




Scene: 122-124 (garbage cop)

In this scene, Lethem introduces Loomis AKA the garbage cop. Loomis is not the brightest of cops but he and Lionel seem to get along really well. He doesn’t pick off any of the tics that Lionel uncontrollably expresses. The majority of the time just plays them off or turns them into humour. We can say that in this seen Lionel feels comfortable with himself because he sort of feels like he’s above Loomis. I feel like this scene is where Lionel starts to take charge and start pushing the buttons. During this scene we also see how Lionel is becoming Frank since he hands Loomis one of franks business cards and says to call and he will pick up. Lionel describes some attributes he possesses of Frank, “… me a flapping inane mouth that covered the world in names and descriptions” (124).



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