The Last Tic

I feel like in the last chapter of the book, many of the questions that had been lurking had finally been answered. Such as how Julia and Frank had met, and why their marriage had been so strange. But most importantly, it answered the question of why Frank Minna was really killed and who played a part in it. Throughout the novel I’d been scrapping together bits of information that I’d collected from characters and I had been so confused as to what it all meant, but it finally all tied together in the end. Similarly, I feel like things finally tied together for Lionel in the end. Although he will never be able to forget the death of Frank and Tony, he can let go of his compulsive need to find the truth about Frank’s death.

I was satisfied with the ending of the novel for the most part, except for how things turned out between Kimmery and Lionel. I felt sympathy for Lionel, and I would have liked the ending better if after all the trouble Lionel had gone through over the past few days he could return and have an actual relationship with Kimmery, instead of her rejecting him because of her psychologically abusive ex-boyfriend. For the first time in Lionel’s life he had found a woman he could get close to without the assistance of alcohol, but for some reason Jonathan Lethem made sure it was over before it really started.


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