Tourettic Conflictions

Task 6: Psycho Therapy

Dear Lionel,

After some consideration about what you’ve shared with me during our last session I have come up with a resolution to your unhappiness. You have an inability to let go of your attachment to Frank Minna, an attachment that pushes you further and further into your anxiety and tics now that he has passed. (By the way, do not be so hard on yourself about your tics. They make you who you are, and who you are is not a freak. All your self-resentment should be set free along with your dependence on Frank.) Although it may be hard for you to move on, it would be helpful for you if you started living without the constant feeling of trying to make somebody else -Frank- happy. What you do now with your life should be for yourself, and not for the memory of Frank. If you truly want to overcome the obstacle in the way of your happiness then you must not allow yourself to remain so dedicated to uncovering Frank’s killer. Do not feel responsible for his death, just let the police do their job finding his killer.

Do not let your feelings about yourself get in the way of your future with Kimmery, it sounds like she fits well into your world. Allowing your relationship to grow can be helpful for each of you to overcome your obstacles to happiness.

Task 7: Haiku

Lionel has tics

Detective, he thinks he is

He heeds Frank’s orders

Task 3: Aspects

  • The world and setting of the story.-I can see this as being an interesting point of focus for the film adaptation project but speaking about these would not be my first choice because I feel like I have more of a connection/better understanding of the live characters’ roles.
  • The secondary characters.
  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?
  • The major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. This should include the narrator’s inner conflict.
  • A few key scenes.-There’s a lot to talk about in the project if I were to focus on even two key scenes of the novel, because with each one I can go in depth about who, what, where, when, why and how this affects Lionel and vice versa. Each scene sheds some light to Lionel’s inner conflicts in the way of his happiness as well as how he feels about himself and the world around him. 
  • The dialogue.– Talking about the dialogue could lead to some interesting ideas, like how similarly the Minna Men speak and what is has to do with Frank’s influence on them. 
  • The language. This can include Lionel’s narration, and most interestingly, his verbal tics.
  • The major overarching theme of the book. What kind of universal human truth does this novel suggest?
  • The tone of the book. The overall feeling or mood.
  • Perhaps there’s another aspect you’d like to talk about that’s not on the list? Pitch it to me.

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