The Death of Me

  • The tone of the book. The overall feeling or mood.
  • Humorous film that enlightens viewers about Tourette’s and still retains the darkness associated with the “noire” genre. Very interesting I might very well write about this. I would try to make facts about Tourette’s come up through Lionel’s narration, these facts would be incomplete as they would result from Lionel’s own knowledge. Using Lionel’s tics to lighten the mood, stress would be placed on the tics in order to make the audience laugh and not get overwhelmed by the information. The underlying tone would be very dark and his would result in some very graphic scenes Minna’s death, Tony’s death would be shown (maybe shot him on the edge on the cliff, have him fall into the ocean, this would connect with Lionel’s fright after seeing the ocean for the first time.)

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