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Re: Happiness

To Lionel,

I am not talking to you as your therapist, but as your friend. You have been troubled all your life about your identity. Who are you? Lionel Essrog? Frank Minna’s freakshow? Minna Men? It’s alright to be confused about your identity. Everyone aims to search for their identity. During this process, you will go through many emotions. It is a train wreck of emotions. You knew you were unhappy, and you came to me, asking for help. As a therapist, I can’t give you a direct solution. I can only lead you to your solution. Though, if you asked me what it is your greatest obstacle from happiness, I will tell you; it is none other than yourself. No matter how much you seem to want to reach happiness, your inner-self is actually stopping you. To be specific, you do not love yourself enough to think you deserve happiness. Lionel, if you keep thinking negatively about yourself and your tics, you won’t ever be happy. Therefore, please acknowledge me for what I have to say. Lionel, it is time to accept who you are and seek for happiness. Loosen up, don’t put so much stress on yourself. Having Tourette’s is a pain in the ass, and you feel embarrassed because you say you see those eyes, judging you. But let me tell you that it is alright, fuck how they think. You are you, Lionel Essrog. Orphan, Minna Men, however you want to call yourself. Until the day you die, you shall be shaping a new side of yourself. Therefore, just because you think you have not found your identity, you are unhappy. You possess a lot. You possess what other people don’t. You are unique. You know that nothing except yourself can stop you from feeling happy. So please, get rid of those negative thoughts of yours, and become free, my friend.

PS. Kimmery seems like a sweet girl. Go get her.

Your friend, Lissom Huang

Sushi Time

I knew you were here

Yoshii or Fujisaki

Hello Julia

Who am I?

I was Frank Minna

I was lying to myself

I am Lionel


Task 3

The world and setting of the story.
Manhattan. Could it have happened anywhere? I don’t know maybe, but perhaps this happened, because of how brooklyn works. Always a touch of gangster, detective, death, mystery. I guess it could have happened anywhere else, but lethem knew about brooklyn.

The major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. This should include the narrator’s inner conflict.
What is the actual conflict? Yes, frank minna died, but what is it? Is tha confused lionel essrog i see there? I think while essrogs looks for himself, he is also seeking for the killer.

A few key scenes.
Any key scene would have either been a turning point, or, a surprising element. Julia, gerard […]

The language. This can include Lionel’s narration, and most interestingly, his verbal tics.
Without Lionel’s tics, the book would not have been as funny and enjoyable. It is interesting as every step he takes, he finds another clue.

The secondary characters.
I think the biggest influence on Lionel is Minna. When he left, the next potential is Kimmery. They both make him behave in different ways. They made him feel useful, different, normal. As a Minna men, Lionel assimilated himself with his peers. He was able to become someone important. Though he was sometimes set apart from the others, he still had a position to fill in. Minna gave him attention. While Kimmery, they have just met, bu for some reason, she gives him so much good. He feels at ease, and tic-free when she is around. Though, she loves his tics. They both wanted to learn more about his tics. They both loved it.

Lissom Huang


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