Mind Blown

Task 6:

Dear Lionel Essrog,

Through extensive testing and research our team of psychiatrists has come to many different conclusions concerning you. At the bottom of everything we believe that you have been leading a life that is not fit for you. We understand that this can be a little hard to hear but you need to keep it real with yourself so you can develop as a person with the potential you have. We have seen great things from you concerning your Tourette’s and not allowing it to take over your life. I, as your doctor advise you to maybe take some time off of work to just reflect on everything that has happened in your life recently. All thoughts are good ones even if they are negative because one can work with that negative energy and try to create a more optimistic point of view. Lionel you are more than you think, and once that thought crosses the barrier of your trapped self, your time will come.

Stay true to yourself,

Andrew Augoustis.

Task 7:

Am I really me?

or just an imitation,

A freak of nature.

Task 3:

  • The world and setting of the story.
  • The secondary characters.
  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why? – Tom hanks could play Lionel he has some experience with characters of Lionel’s nature (forest Gump). Lionels most interesting aspect is his determination. Lionel has a big heart despite his hardboiled shell. His Tourette’s is also interesting depending on how you look at them. You can either see how they make Lionel funny or how he doesn’t let it hold him back (determination).
  • The major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. This should include the narrator’s inner conflict.- Who killed Frank Minna and why? Lionel’s attachment to Frank changes the feeling of the novel. Frank is murdered.
  • A few key scenes.
  • The dialogue.
  • The language. This can include Lionel’s narration, and most interestingly, his verbal tics.
  • The major overarching theme of the book. What kind of universal human truth does this novel suggest?
  • The tone of the book. The overall feeling or mood.
  • Perhaps there’s another aspect you’d like to talk about that’s not on the list? Pitch it to me.
  • Option if you disliked the book: A paper describing why you think it should not be made into a film. Please, Ed, don’t do it. Again, you will focus on one of the above aspects, and discuss why you either find it uninteresting, cliché, trite, or unrealistic.

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