Mediocre Life Advice

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Lionel, man, you need to get out of your comfort zone. All your life, the same dirty streets, the same shitty friends and the same self loathing. Did you ever expect anything to change if you’re acting like Tom Hanks in Groundhog Day before he figured out the loop. In my completely legit and totally professional opinion, take a drive and $1000 and just go explore. Find out what lies beyond what you know. You know you live in dump with dump people with dump food but goddammit Lionel, you’re an adult! Move on! Just think of the unknown amounts of things to explore, count and tap. Yes, before you tell me how

“Oh no! I couldn’t possibly–”

EXCUSES, LIONEL, EXCUSES. The Minna Men aren’t going to bring you towards a newer an improved self when they themselves tell you you can’t. Don’t stay in the loop.

From one crazy to another,

Michelle Jette M.D., P.H.D.


I suffer the tic,

A wick lights without warning

And bursts when I speak.


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