Lay Your Own Path

Task 6

Mr. Essrog, we discussed your current emotional state in our last meeting and you mentioned that you were quite unhappy. From my perspective it seems you have been like this for quite a while and that the passing of your dear friend Mr. Minna may have triggered an awakening for you. You have mentioned your upbringing in our sessions and I can tell that living with undiagnosed Tourette’s without anyone to care for you did not make that part of your life easy. You saw a father in Mr. Minna, someone to watch over and guide you; a mentor. However, I fear that your greatest obstacle Mr. Essrog, is the man you value most. A young child needs someone to watch over him, to care for him and teach him how the world works. You did not have this growing up as an orphan, which is why you latched on to Frank Minna so quickly. From what you have told me, you worship the ground this man walks on and aspire to be like him. This has clouded your judgement and has kept you from seeing the world for yourself; you see it through the eyes of another. You can never be happy if you follow behind someone else’s footsteps because what makes them happy may not be the same as what makes you happy. You may be satisfied yes, but never happy. Your friend’s passing is tragic yes, but it has given you the opportunity to live for yourself; to build your own world vie. I suggest you take my advice Mr. Essrog; lay your own path.

Task 7

man on the subway

shouting and twitching; nonsense

they think I’m crazy

Charlotte Lapointe


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