It’s right under your nose


Task six: Psycho-therapy

Dear Essnog,

I am going to give you an answer to your question, but chances are you won’t like it because it is much too simple. The obstacle in your path to happiness is yourself! From what I have heard about your tantalizing experiences and reactions to them, you let your mind wander into uncharted minefields on a regular notice and express them those thoughts into a few eloquent verbal outbursts. If being able to do such an act isn’t enough to provide with some sort of happiness I don’t know what is.

Lionel, you have the ability to yell out violent obscenities at your will and nobody can do anything about it. You sir are a very powerful human being because most common folk will not dare to swear in public because I guess its considered, like impolite or something, but you simply don’t give a shit. You don’t abide by social norms because your body and mind don’t let you, but that’s alright because that in itself is a talent and how it should be.


Task seven: Haiku!

Once I was silenced


I cant! Punishing


F.A Brainstorm

  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?
  • The language. This can include Lionel’s narration, and most interestingly, his verbal tics.

I think writing about Lionel Essrog as a whole and focusing on the language of the novel would flow out easily. I love the comparison and contrast between his tics and his mental imagery of certain situations. How they can be so different, but at the same time very beautiful. How the tics and the imagery places the reader in a limbo between beautiful and pleasantly vile.  Why is the imagery so beautiful? Can his tics be looked at as beautiful? Do they go hand-in-hand? Would one survive without the other?

Further in the paper there can be a funnel focusing and analyzing specific tics. Are they really as random as he says they are? Do the tics themselves tell a separate story? A look into the Bailey tic, or the Invisible Man, OreoMan, A frayed knot. All these must have some deeper meaning or are they just there to fluff the story up and put you right into a Tourretic mind?

Further focus on the imagery taking p.g 226 Auto Body as an example. The descriptiveness could be so alluring compared to his tics. What kind of effects does letting his imagination branch out have on the tics themselves.


Lucas Tremblay-Moll, 1531988.






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