Nadav Sarid

Task 6

Hello Mr. Essrog,

Hope all is well with you and that you are happy today. After analyzing you and our few sessions together I have come to a conclusion of what I believe makes you happiest and brings the most joy to your life. Lionel I know that since Franks passing you have had a hard time but even through this hard time it is important for you to take care of your self and do what is necessary to make you happy. Lionel I have never seen someone love food like you do, more specifically sandwiches. Weather you eat one is six your manage to love it. Lionel I am not recommending that you spend the rest of your days binging in food, however I believe that if you feel stressed or overwhelmed that you should bring your self to a restaurant such as Zeod’s and sit down and enjoy a meal. Take this time to reflect on your self and do what is necessary to keep calm. Don’t think of what is happening around you. Reflect on your self and relax.

Task 7 (Haiku)


Where is Frank Minna

I need him more then ever

I miss him so much


Task 3

The idea that I believe I am going to pursue for the Film adaptation assignment is involving the presentation of Lionels thoughts in a movie. In a novel it is relatively easy to show a characters conscious, we know how they are feeling, what they are thinking all because they are able to describe it. It is much harder to adapt that for a film. I feel that this is one of the more important topics in the novel so it must be presented well in the Movie. The director should really make an effort to display Lionels thoughts, a strong way to display these thoughts is through a journal. If the director added a journal that Lionel wrote down his thoughts and ideas in it would give the audience I view of what is going on inside Lionels head. I believe this is an important part of the story that should be translated into the film.


The dialogue is also very important. I feel that the way Lionel interacts with other characters should be displayed in a specific way. As we know Lionel’s sometimes get the best of him while talking to someone, so I feel that the way his tics are take over him while speaking to someone he is not comfortable with vs. someone he is comfortable with is very crucial to making this movie.





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