Finding Lionel


Task # 6


The greatest obstacle to Lionel’s happiness is…

Good evening Mr. Essrog,

Happiness is not one straight forward, clear cut answer. There isn’t always happiness in one’s life but happiness is found at certain moments of your life such when Frank was alive and you were learning from his expertise or when Kimerly wanted to know about your Tourette syndrome in detail. Those were moments in your life that will make you feel warm inside but also feel happy. Happiness isn’t giving or taken, you have to create happiness by sacrificing or making vast decisions in life as in finding out who killed Frank. Also, happiness does not last forever, it last or certain period of time and then you move on until you find more happiness. My medicine for you to find happiness is to do what you like and do it for yourself.


From: Dr. Vincelli


Task #7 Haiku


Lionel Essrog

Tourette dreams you shed your tics

or your tics shed you

Task #3

  • The dialogue.

The dialogue in this novel is the main aspect of this novel because Motherless Brooklyn is a “detective” novel and detective novels has a lot of dialogue because they have to interrogate many different people to find the killer. Another reason why the dialogue is important is because we discover different reason for what Lionel is trying to prove to himself or the way his tics effect his life.





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