Creativity Lab


Task 3: Aspects.

  • The world and setting of the story.
  • The secondary characters.
  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?
  • The major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. This should include the narrator’s inner conflict.
  • A few key scenes.
  • The dialogue.
  • The language. This can include Lionel’s narration, and most interestingly, his verbal tics.
  • The major overarching theme of the book. What kind of universal human truth does this novel suggest?
  • The tone of the book. The overall feeling or mood.

The dialogue is one the interesting parts of the novel. Lionel always in their. His tics always add some special feeling to the reader that reader feels as he is there, with them in the story. He is not just followed them on the pages, he is actually there with them, and he actually feel everything what is going on with characters. Dialogues makes readers worry about characters and not just this. Also, readers smiling and laughing during the story. For example, the part when Lionel was Making fun of the cop. I am sure that readers were just waiting what Lionel will imagine in the future. He actually gave a cop a person for who he was looking for.

Lionel’s tics add a special felling of the story. He can not control them and this add some purity to dialogues and to his character itself. His tics telling the actual true that is on his mind. If he is trying to hide something, he gets so nervous and this makes his tics go out of his mouth.

Task 7: Haiku

Lionel lost his friend

He is looking for his killer

It’s hard to find him.

Task 6 : Psycho-therapy

Hi Lionel,

I thought about your problem for long time and I come up with some results for you.  Your main problem is that for you Tourette is a big problem, but is not like this.This is one of the things that makes you special in this world. You could use your symptoms as something that add some happiness in your life. You are not the only one person in the world who has this problem, and all of them live a full life with so much happiness in their life. You should try the way that will make you more happier in this life. I think, you should stop all your detective researchers and live the full life. You need to change your life completely, so like this you will feel better and you will be more happier.

Karyna Statko



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