Creativity Lab

Task #6:

Dear Lionel,

The reason you cannot reach the happiness you desire is because you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself to discover who killed Frank Minna. You are coming up against some pretty tough people and I don’t think fighting them on your own is the best course of action for you. They won’t back off or slow down just because of your syndrome so be ready to put up a fight at all times, if this is what you want. You need to outsmart them; I know you can. Just don’t go around trusting those who seem “trust-worthy” because they are probably the ones who you should watch out for most. Don’t rely on others for happiness. You’ll be surprised how fast they’re actions and emotions will suddenly change on you. You thought you and Kimmery had a bond and she understood what you were going through, because she was going through the same, didn’t you? Well here’s somewhat of a news flash for you. After how comfortable you felt with her and how reassured she made you feel, you suddenly became a “creep” (254) in her eyes. She’s trying to get away from you, and doesn’t want you calling anymore. Your feelings for her have never been such an obvious one-way street and you shouldn’t expect anything more. Get over it and her. She isn’t worth it. If she really cared, she would be glad to hear that you’re calling and to hear how you’re doing… she shouldn’t be making you feel bad about it especially because she knows the hardship you’re going through. You’re better than that Lionel. Leave her behind and put energy into not only what makes you happy but those who are willing to make you happy as well, no matter what the situation may be.

Task #7:

I can’t control them

No matter how hard I try

It is known to all

Task #3:

  • The world and setting of the story.
  • The secondary characters.
  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?
  • The major core conflict of the story and why or how this occurs. This should include the narrator’s inner conflict.
  • A few key scenes.
  • The dialogue.
  • The language. This can include Lionel’s narration, and most interestingly, his verbal tics.
  • The major overarching theme of the book. What kind of universal human truth does this novel suggest?
  • The tone of the book. The overall feeling or mood.
  • Perhaps there’s another aspect you’d like to talk about that’s not on the list? Pitch it to me.
  • Option if you disliked the book: A paper describing why you think it should not be made into a film. Please, Ed, don’t do it. Again, you will focus on one of the above aspects, and discuss why you either find it uninteresting, cliché, trite, or unrealistic.

Something that I would be interested in writing about is the language of the novel. The fact that this would include Lionel’s narration and his verbal tics truly catches my attention. The reason for this is because I believe that Lionel’s Tourettes and the language used because caused by this is what makes the novel so compelling and different from a typical one. There are a numerous amount of scenes that can relate to this topic, which is why I believe I will be able to find many examples and quotations from the book to help adapt my movie. These examples may include the language he uses when talking to those he respects and make him feel comfortable in comparison to seeing his character and language change entirely to defend himself and vocalize his opinion, which we often don’t see coming. The topic of language would evidently easily tie into dialogue. Lionel’s verbal tics are incorporated into his dialogues with others which add humour and excitement to the story. Lionel’s character makes the novel in my opinion, and without putting emphasis and time on this, I don’t think the movie will be successful. A few key scenes of the novel would also be interesting to discuss for the film. The suspenseful detective scenes and those where we get the chance to discover key information about Minna’s death are what I would focus on.


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