Creativity Lab

task #6

Hey Lionel, I believe that your life is not going so bad. I believe that it is just how you perceive the actions and scenarios of your everyday life in a negative fashion giving the outcome a negative twist. For example when you told me you “hated” your friend Loomis because he thinks your Tourette’s syndrome is just a big joke that you’re playing you should take that with a positive attitude. That may sound strange but I believe if you do pretend it is a joke you can play along with him more, brighten his day if he really enjoys it that much and relieve your tics for a while as you talk to him.


haiku task:

screaming at the beach

who listens to a freakshow

cold breeze, cold shoulders


task 3:

  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?

Lionel Essrog is a very interesting character. The most compelling part about Lionel is his tics. It is a form of expression that Lionel uses and demonstrates his flaws making him have a connection with all those who watch.

  • The dialogue.

The dialogue in the book motherless Brooklyn is in my opinion. What really makes the book so compelling and realistic to the readers. By emphasising the dialogue in the movie and making it more emotionally easy to connect with, those who watch the movie would feel this connection and feel as if they are participating with the characters. The dialogue is where the story is developed. Most of what Lionel discovers to help solve the case is through dialogue with others and thus very important for the whole story.


Steven Caolalillo




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