Dear Lionel,

As your therapist, I think I have heard enough to tell you what your diagnosis is when it comes to your unhappiness. You have to start by accepting yourself for who you are and that includes your illness. Your condition is part of you, of your life, and it will not go away as far as we know, so the best for you right now is to learn to appreciate and love yourself for who you are and stop trying to be something else. The pressure you lay on yourself in order to fit in is just not worth sacrificing the self-love you should possess. Once you learn how to accept yourself, you will learn how to love yourself; the satisfying feeling of loving oneself is greater than the feeling of belonging, because you will never abandon or loose yourself. Only when you will be able to love yourself can you start to love someone else, and for them to love you back it is important that you reach self-confidence and show them that you are stable and that you are emotionally available.

My diagnostic is this: learn how to be yourself and how to love you for what you are and happiness will come.


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