A letter from a therapist

by neta fudim

Dear Lionel,

I’m glad you decided to speak to a professional about your feelings and struggles. After all, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Your tics influence every part of your life but they shouldn’t limit your ability to be happy. Your Tourette’s syndrome is accompanied by many obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms. That seems to generate a lot of anxiety for you. I also noticed you have trouble forming strong relationships with other people and that you often find yourself in awkward or uncomfortable social situations. Social or generalized anxiety disorder could be at play here. It would explain your reticence at being more open with strangers and your awkwardness and sometimes cold behavior. The good news is I believe if you start coming to therapy every week you will be able to alleviate many of these symptoms and increase you confidence a tenfold.

Best regards,

from your very qualified therapist Neta Fudim


Eat me! six burgers

Hoping for a lucky day

Watching the zendo

Task 3:

  • The world and setting of the story.

I would want to write about this because I think it’s one the best parts of the book. Brooklyn and all the different parts of the city that they visit play a big part in the action scenes and in Lionel’s character development. I could write about how certain places connect to Lionel’s tics, how others affect the action and suspense scenes in thee book and the style or mood that the setting creates.

  • Lionel Essrog: what’s the most interesting or compelling aspect of his character? Who would you choose to play him, and why?

This aspect would be easy to write about. I could describe his tics, his social awkwardness and his dependence on other characters to survive. In each of those aspects I would describe why that makes him interesting and why I think a certain actor should play him.


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