Creativity Lab

Task one: freewritin’

Where do ideas come from? How do ideas take shape? Who the hell knows. They come from some mysterious higher power in the universe. A universal energy that we can all tap into.

How do we tap into it? Who the hell knows. But, one thing that’s helpful is to imagine that this greater creative energy exists, and to try to be receptive to it. One way is to just write, with no direction, and no clear goal.

In this task, write as much as you can about the novel in the time permitted. The question is simple:

Do you like the novel or not? Why or why not? What do you like or dislike most about it?

Task two: Any questions?

Write as many questions about the novel as you can think of. These can be factual questions (Who abducts Lionel in the meditation place?) or analytical questions (Why does Lionel like food so much?) or quirky (what kind of a name is Kimmery????)

Let ‘er rip.

Task three: Aspects.

Look at the different aspects of the novel you can choose to write about for the Film Adaptation Assignment. Copy and paste the list. For each one, write a few sentences. Just get some ideas across. Some things you can think about:

Do I want to write about this? Why or why not? What do I immediately think of when I think of this aspect? What’s most interesting, curious, or noteworthy about it? Write as many questions as you can think of. Which specific scenes from the novel does it make you think of? Etc. etc. Get some initial ideas down. You probably won’t have time to do this with all, so start with whichever you think you might want to write about most, and work your way down from there.

Task four: Underdogs, outcasts, loners

Think of a moment in your life when you felt like an underdog, or an outcast, or a loner. Anytime when you didn’t fit in, or when the odds were stacked against you. Pick a specific moment. High school is not a specific moment. That day in high school when I was picked last for the softball game is a specific moment. Or, if there was a period of time where you felt like one of the above things, write about a typical day from this period.

Have fun with this. Do it! Have fun! Now!

Task five: a scene from another character’s perspective

Pick a scene from the novel. Your choice. Let’s say, pick two or three pages from that scene. Rewrite it, but from one of the other characters’ perspectives. What do they think about Lionel? What kind of thoughts are going through their heads. Ha! This is gonna be hilarious!

Task six: Psycho-therapy

You are a therapist and Lionel has asked you for a diagnosis about what the greatest obstacle to his own happiness is. Write him a short letter with your professional diagnosis. You do not need to know anything about psychology to do this. I mean, just being a human and living in the world until now qualifies you.

Task seven: Haiku!

This is what a Haiku is. 

Write a Haiku that encapsulates Lionel’s plight in this novel.

When you’re done, give your post a title, feature image, and publish the following category: Creativity Lab.



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