Stay Humble


Hey lovers of humour, in the Motherless Brooklyn we find all kinds of humour which spices up a little bit the story and keeps you entertained throughout the reading.

And as an example of humour that we could find is the absurdity, when Seminole arrests both Tony and Lionel and he tries desperately to get information from them. Tony toys with him by saying, “[Alphonso and Leonardo] went through the tunnel in the basement … they had to get back to their hideout, since they’ve got James Bond or Batman, I can’t remember which roasting over a slow fire.”(191) So, it definitely proves that Tony is just making a fool out of Seminole, by saying absurd things such as James Bond and Batman, knowingly that those two are fictional characters. Also, for the passage mentioned previously we could categorize it as a “straight man/funny man” humour type and we would consider Seminole as the straight man and Lionel, the funny man.

Another funny thing would be when Seminole still don’t get that Lionel has the Tourette’s. Us, as a reader know that Lionel suffers from a syndrome, and he has tendencies to pat someone’s shoulder as for example, he tried to pat Seminole and the cop’s respond was: “Goddamn it Alibi, cut it out.”(186) It is a great example of a dramatic irony while Seminole ignores all about the Tourette’s which Lionel suffers about. By reading this little scene, we get a smile from this funny moment.

Hersi Nur



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