Hello bloggers and comedy nerds,

(It’s been a very tiring morning, so let’s just get this over with)

In these last few pages that I’ve read from Motherless Brooklyn, there are a couple of moments that I found funny and that really struck me.

The first moment was when Lionel was talking with Loomis on the phone and when he asked him for Ullman’s address. Lionel said to Loomis, “Tell me Ullman’s address”, and his brain went, “Man-Salad-Dress” (149). Here, Lethem tries to use worldplay in order to give some humour to the story. I found it funny because the words “Ullman’s address” and “Man-Salad-Dress” are similar in sound and the combination of the words are just so weird. Lethem’s creativity is revealed through Lionel’s tics, and it sounds funny because it’s just so spontaneous and ridiculously strange at the same time. I mean who would have thought of “Man-Salad-Dress”? Just imaging it is hilarious!

Another moment that I found funny is when Lionel overheard a man talking to himself, and then he said out loud,“Fucking people talking to themselves in a public place like they got some kind of illness!” (163) Lethem uses irony in this case. Lionel says that there’s a man talking to himself while he does the very same thing as he says that!

That’s all folks! (At least for today)

Claudia Keurdjekian



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