Lethem use’s of Humor

Yes, I’ve only read until page 145.

Well how can I explain this? Honestly, I’m a very busy man. Ok I admit it, I do not work in a job but my school program over-workloads me. That sucks for me because it tremendously diminishes my work time for my other courses. I try my best. And I am not a native English speaker, which more disadvantageous.


Hi, my name is Ricardo and today I will cite you some good sense humour found from Motherless Brooklyn book by Jonathan Lethem.

Ok that was a pretty lame intro…

First and foremost, I suck at understanding sense humor simply because… I don’t have a sense of humor… Kind of. My humor’s level ‘’skillz’’ is at zero, but I hope I can learn and maybe get a decent one by reading Motherless Brooklyn. It make take some time… At this very moment, I am trying very hard, so please, bear with me


So let’s go to page 123. I don’t know why but this part makes me laugh because it makes me think of myself. Sometimes I try to make some funny joke to have attention or to make me look like a funny guy, since I am a bit monotone, but instead, I make myself look dumber. And people ignores me and continue their chit-chat with the others.

One of Loomis’s joke, I found his name a little bit dumb, was pretty lame in my opinion, even Lionel finds him idiot:

“Years ago he’d latched on to Minna’s joke-telling contests, decided he could compete. But he favored idiot riddles, not jokes at all, no room for character or nuance. He didn’t seem to know the difference.’’(p.123)

Lionel describes his jokes incompetent if you know what I mean. He jokes lacks of coherence and “greater“ play of words. Here’s what Loomis’ got to say”

“What about how do you titillate an ocelot?”


Titillate an ocelot. You know like a big cat. I think

“It’s big cat. How do you titillate it, Loomis?’’

‘’You oscillate its tit a lot, get it?’’ (p. 123)


First I was misunderstanding it and after looking on google what it meant, I found it inert and absurd at the same time because of it was a sexual joke and at the same time a bad pun. Lenthem illustrates his incompetencies by portraying him as a dumb guy.

Also There is another moment of sense humor that I find particularly interesting. In was in a specific moment. You could, let’s say, laugh as hard as you could but it was at the same time, not the greatest moment to laugh. This moment goes back to page 25 to 29. It was when Coney and Lionel was driving Minna to the hospital. Lionel was making a joke about the Octopus playing music  instruments. He was dying. I personally think it was a hard moment because Lionel and Coney were losing a great childhood friend. Lethem illustrated an emotional feeling about loosing a great friend, despite they were trying hard to keep Minna alive. It unnoticeably showed deep feeling about Coney and Lionel.

I want to add another from page 145 to 203, but I couldn’t because I didn’t read further than 145 due to lack of time.


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