Humour Exercise

        Motherless Brooklyn, so far, is a pretty funny novel. There are so many different types of humour being used as the character is evolving throughout the novel. I found that towards the pages 145, Lionel becomes snarkier, more sarcastic, which I seem to be enjoying quite a bit. After being interrogated, Lionel meets up with Tony and tells him what went down with the cops. Lionel’s sarcasm is demonstrated right after this intense conversation: “”Let’s both hope. Too bad you weren’t clever like Gilbert, to get himself put under police protection for a week or so.” “Is that the current sentence for murder? A week?”” (185). I personally love this passage, because it really demonstrates Lionel’s sarcastic new side and who doesn’t love a snark comment like this one. He really seems to be aiming for the “smart-ass” type of humour here, as if the sentence for murder was even close to one week.

Not only Lionel is to be recognized for his comedic side, they are also moments where Tony shows off his humouristic talents. A great example of this is when Seminole tries to threaten Tony by saying that he will turn the murder investigation to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Tony says, “”Federal Bureau of what?” […]. “I never met those guys.”” (191). I found that Tony’s character is really portrayed in this passage as he is really sarcastic and, to some extent, is just playing dumb, which really relates to the funny side of this novel. Obviously, Tony has heard of the FBI before and he is just ridiculing the officer, which in my opinion constitutes as being really snarky and amusing.

Savana Di Quinzio






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