Hey There Funny Reader’s

Hey there funny time readers,

Today we are going to analyze a bit of the parts that I found funny in the novel Motherless Brooklyn by Johnathan Lethem. Now you may or may not find these particular parts funny like I did, but hey it’s my blog post so here we go. First part that stood out to me in pages 145-152 were the characters dubbed Pinched, Indistinct, Chunky, and Pimples. These four I would say were very much like the 4 stooges. From the moment that they appeared in the book trying to kidnap Lionel you just knew this was not going to be a life or death situation for our favorite Minna Men detective. The first scene shows the inexperience of these men in suits when they begin to bicker about where they want to go with Lionel. Chunky is somewhat calling the shots but not really “Shut up. Why can’t we drive in circles?” “You shut up. It should look like we are going somewhere, stupid. We’re really scaring him going in circles” (pg.146). This is an exchange between Chunky and Pinched and was funny just by the thought of Lionel being kidnapped and the kidnappers not knowing what they wanted to do with him! They were arguing in front of the person they were supposed to scare and are doing so in a childish way. Throughout these 7 pages are priceless funny moments but I will just bring up one more. When the four stooges were talking about how to scare Lionel and that they should rough him up Lionel pipes in and says “Maybe just a scare without the roughing up will do” one of the guys I assume Chunky says “Stop him talking so much” and one of the stooges actually replies “Yeah, but he’s got a point.” (Pg. 147) I could not believe it when I read that, was a kidnapper really agreeing with the kidnapped on how to scare him straight! Think of it this way, it would be like the Joker kidnapping Batman and then asking him for advice on how his kidnapping should go and actually listening to him. These characters where ridiculous and also possibly the worst kidnappers of all time. I believe that Lethem wanted to give an air of humor but by doing this letting the reader’s know that this was not to be something that would put Lionel’s life in danger.

Natacha Colimon



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