In today’s blog post I will be writing about humour as usual, but by dissecting the novel, Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem. I know it is pretty hard for a book to be funny because it can’t talk but hey some of the words in it can be funny too so have an open mind.

We very well know that the main character of the novel has Tourette’s and tends to blurt out certain phrases that Lethem uses to humour the reader. During a conversation between Tony and Lionel, Lethem writes, “Garbage cookie” (153). Here we can see how one of Lionel’s tics sounds just so absurd that I found it funny to read because he was having a pretty serious conversation. Lionel was trying to refer to the Loomis, A.K.A. the garbage cop but I guess the work cookie just had to come out. At many points when the book tries to be serious there’s always some sort of absurdity that pops out.

Tony seems to be a very intense character and uses a lot of play on words to describe other characters in the novel. For example again when talking to Lionel he calls him “shitlock Holmes” (179). In the context of the conversation it does fit well but is also rude. As for any of you who know Tony he can be quite the wise guy but not very smart about it. He is being mean towards Lionel but for some reason maybe I was just tired but the play on words he comes up with sometimes just crack me up.

**Only had time for 2


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