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I found some humor on page 163, where Lionel says “Fucking people talking to themselves in a public place like they go some kind of illness” (Lethem 163). The humor technique he is trying to use is sarcasm. Lionel knows he has Tourette’s and can have an outburst at any time no matter where he is and usually when he does people look at him as a freak, weird , crazy etc. That line is funny to me because Lionel knows very well that he acts the same way as those people but by stating that line he is trying to act superior to them which I found funny.


Another page were I found humor was on 170-171, where Minna is asking the guys if they have a crowbar “just something you can swing. Like a crowbar. I’ve got a bar and a lug wrench in my trunk. Stuff like that” “Sounds like you want a gun”….”Id call Gladys Knight for chrissakes” ( Lethem 170-171).The humor technique used is misunderstanding and repetition. There is a complete misunderstanding between the characters which makes this scene very funny Minna is actually asking for a crowbar but Tony thinks he wants a gun but then after he repeats to Tony “No an actual crowbar” Gilbert answers “you want chains” which then Minna answers “crowbar crowbar crowbar”. I just found it funny Minna actually wanted a crowbar and the other characters were offering anything else but a crowbar.


Anthony Sciola



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