Comedy Exercise

I’ve only read up until page 113, which isn’t much, but there are still many things in this story that can be considered as humour up until that page. During the story, we have a very serious scene in which two very serious characters (Mr. Matricardi and Mr. Rockaforte) are presented to the L&L crew. After this tense scene with the two mobsters comes to an end, the characters are all saying goodbye to each other, All the while Lionel Is trying to keep his syndrome under control, “’Thanks.’ ‘Thanks.’ ‘Thanks, Mr. Matricardi.’ ‘Arf!’”(65). Here we see that the author’s use of irony makes Lionel’s syndrome almost funny in a way, or at least it’s being used in that way here. This to me was a good example of comic relief, it got me to laugh because I could just picture the feelings of the guys standing in the room, and how it would be funny to hear someone bark at a potentially dangerous mobster. It was well placed especially because it reminded me that the book is a mixture of both realistic seriousness, and humour.

After an argument between Minna and Tony, The orphan boys are all left on the street as Minna leaves away with his van so that they are forced to walk home. At the point and time, Lionel is losing the control over his turrets and starts using insults towards tony that Minna had used prior:

“Tony had me cornered against a parked car … ‘Dickweed’ I said. I tried to mask it in another sneeze, which made something in my neck pop. I twitched and spoke again. ‘Dickyweed! Dicketywood!’ I was trapped in a loop of self,”

This situation demonstrates a misunderstanding between the two boys, while one is doing his best to resist the urges his body is pushing him make, the other sees it as Lionel is trying to mock him in front of their other friends to see what he’ll do. Being that Minna has already pushed Tony far, Lionel’s words just put him over the edge. I found his scenario funny because Lionel says things that I don’t expect, making it that much more satisfying when he says something because of his turrets. It may get him into trouble, but he maintains a funny aspect because he says only the last things I would think about, this therefore making it amusing to read.

Luc Paquette



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