Beat around the bush

Hello Freak show , you’re welcome to discover and express your ridiculousness !

I will invite you to analyze and have a look at  your own comicality .What do you think about mysterious clients or They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”?Does it sounds familiar to you ? Don’t get me wrong , its not Harry Potter  , you senseless people …I am talking about Motherless Brooklyn of course !

Lionel Essrog looks like a Pandora box , when you see it on the outside it looks fine , however when you look inside ,it is a real mine of complex neurones that “ try” to transmit information but unfortunately the signal can not be transmitted , instead it comes out as an outburst . A great example of him trying to be farcical is when he seems to beat around the bush about the clients :

“ So what did they tell you ?”

“The Clients?” “Sure, The Clients ,”said Tony.”Matricardi and Rockarforte .Frank’sdead , Lionel .I don’t think he’s gonna , like,spin in his grave if you say their names .”

“Fork –it-hardly”, I whispered , hen glanced over my shoulder at their stoop.”Rocket-fuck-me”  (Lethem,180)

In this passage , we can clearly see and almost feel the irony and sarcasm of Tony .Lionel seems to be unconsciously playing with Tony’s nerves and patience , slowly “ tugboating “ him. The so called detective Esssrog , seems to turn in circle to avoid Tony’s questions ,as a result it makes him look like a “meathead” , a human being unable to express their own thoughts and complete a sentence properly . A human being  that’s what it is after all , a “human freakshow” that tries his best or not to stop being weird.

Another great example of Essrog , Police dog-underdog , is when he tries to  concentrate on his posture and breathing when suddenly he hears Minna’s voice in his head and says , “I dare you to shut up for a whole twenty minutes sometime , you free human freakshow.

I pushed it away , thought One Mind instead.One Mind.

Tell me one , Freakshow.One I don’t already know. One Mind .I focused on my breathing.
Come home,Irving.

One Mind.Sick Mind.Dirty Mind.Bailey Mind.

One Mind

Oreo Man.”

(Lethem , 196)


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