A guess tic eating a vest

Read pages 145 to 180

Hello to all my readers,

Today I will discuss some funny moments I pin-pointed in Motherless Brooklyn. I hope you share my opinion and find them funny as well.

The first example I found was that of wordplay. Since Lionel’s tics are spontaneous and often centered around interesting sounds and language, many humorous moments arise unexpectedly through the dialogue. When Lionel is talking to Tony and trying to conceal the truth about where he’s been and what he’s been investigating, his tics are suddenly triggered. His brain automatically begins to reformulate and reshape the words of the conversation: “’I’m investigating a case,’ I said. A guess tic eating a vest.”(153) I found this passage funny because it’s unexpected and puts a funny spin on a part of a serious exchange.

The second example I found was that of irony. Lionel overhears a man speaking to himself and says, “Fucking people talking to themselves in a public place like they got some kind of illness!”(163) This is funny because Lionel is essentially making fun of himself. It’s ironic because he is one of those people as well.

Hope you had a good laugh,

Neta Fudim



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