The City – 109 E. 84th Street

By Siobhan McDonagh, Melvin Buquerente, Charlotte Lapointe, Konstantina Vanikiotis, and Savana Di Quinzio

An interesting thing we have discovered throughout our research is that the Yorkville Zendo is in fact a fictional name. The author describes the building as being in between two “giant doorman apartment buildings” (3), which turns out to be an accurate description of the actual building under the given address: the Belmont Garage. Our featured image, taken directly from Google Earth, validates the author’s portrayal of the edifice.


Brooklyn, 1990s.


Manhattan, 1990s.

During a stakeout in the less familiar area of Manhattan, Lionel and his partner still seem to get around easily.

“Coney and I had done our part to join the feast, detouring up into Spanish Harlem for the burgers. There’s only one White Castle left in Manhattan, on East 103rd. It’s not has good as some of the surburban outlets.” (Lethem, 3)

This demonstrates Lionel’s insider knowledge of the city and the pride he has for it. He knows where to get food and the quality that differs from location. Further on in the chapter, when Lionel and Coney got the clue “perogie” from Minna, they both thought to change direction towards the Pulaski Bridge.


Brooklyn Inn, today.

“To tune in to the Motherless Brooklyn mojo, you can’t go wrong with an amble down Court Street, the center of Lionel’s universe, where he spends his adolescence getting involved with a small-time mobster.”


Court Street, today.


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