Alexa Nunziato

Andrew Augoustis

Alex Vincelli

Steven Colalillo

Hersi Nur

By reading on how to write proper dialogue we learnt that it s harder than it seems. According to an article written by Harvey Chapman, there are nine rules for writing dialogue.  Dialogue must have a purpose, and must help drive the plot of the story. The dialogue must also give insight to the character’s personality, attitude, and perspective towards certain situations. In other words, the dialogue should characterize. An important element in the first 35 pages of the chapters is the relationship between Lionel and the other characters in the novel. For example, a conversation between two characters should flow and keep the reader interested by varying the dialogues in length. Nobody wants to read a choppy paragraph simply stating what he or she is feeling. For example, instead of just saying a character is nervous, the author should describe his actions or make another character point out how he or she is acting. Dialogue should not be choppy but should not be too long either. The reader wants it to get to the point in the most interesting and concise way possible. In the end, dialogue should be unique for each character. The way a character speaks, reacts, and acts is what allows the reader understand him and perhaps relate to the character as well.

The dialogue below shows development to the story because Lionel is trying to find out who the person responsible is for what happened to Minna. After Lionel tells the punchline of the joke, Minna says that the named used in the punchline is the same as the killer. When Lionel asks for Minna to explain Minna does not respond and that is the last he heard of him. This dialogue shows a connection between the two characters. It shows that Minna and Lionel were friends for a long time because they each share jokes and shows that Lionel cares for Minna because he is with him in this tough time. We also learn about Lionel character and disorder from what he blurts out: “Dick! Weed!”. (Need more time)



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