Reading Response #2 (due Sep. 12)

Please read until page 145 of Motherless Brooklyn, and respond to the prompt below. Your response should be a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 300 words. Please cite at least two passages in your response. In what ways can we see Lionel begin to change in pages 90-145? What aspects of his character come out that we may not have seen before? For each point you make, refer to a specific moment from these pages in order to illustrate your point. You can look for specific moments when Lionel does or say something surprising or funny. You’ll want to … Continue reading Reading Response #2 (due Sep. 12)

Reading Response #1 (due Sep 1)

Please read until page 35 of Motherless Brooklyn, and respond to the prompt below. Your response should be a minimum of 200 and a maximum of 300 words. Please cite at least one passage in your response. What effect do Lionel’s tics serve in this chapter? What do they add to either the tone of the story, his character, his relationship with the other characters, the story, etc. How would you describe his verbal tics? Do they remind you of anything (a character from a movie, a song, a poem, a book, etc.)? To respond, click on “leave a comment” … Continue reading Reading Response #1 (due Sep 1)

Reading response #9 comments on Jasmin’s second draft

First of all, you’re strongest aspect of this draft is your writing style and your examples. I really liked the way you started your second draft. I think that was a really original way to use those quotes. Especially when you italicize the word “home”, it really puts an emphasis, because that word has emotions and feelings attached to it. Also, towards the ending when you say: This is the best way to avoid the trap. The trap of dividing the world in two. Just the way you phrased it, it flows smoothly. I enjoy the way you have of making … Continue reading Reading response #9 comments on Jasmin’s second draft

Reading Response #9

Peer Review of Chloe Jonas’ Second Draft 1. I think that your draft was well organized. My favorite part of your essay was where you included your experience at the Galapagos. I found it really interesting, and I would love to see some pictures of it in your final draft. Your writing style is clear and simple. The flow of your essay is good, easy to follow. I liked the comparisons you make (the Walking Dead one especially). We can feel how passionate you are about your topic. Your ethical argument of you being a student in Environmental Science was … Continue reading Reading Response #9

Lab 5

Part one: 1)I will be investigating the push factors and the reason why immigrants pay is significantly lower than a native born America. 2) -Where immigrants are primarily immigration from? -What kind of education did they get in their home countries? -Are university degrees from foreign countries being recognized in the United States? -Are Immigrants making enough money to provide for their families? -What jobs are immigrants finding once they immigrate -What jobs did immigrants have in their home comments – Why do immigrants make so little money in the States -What can immigrants do to improve their situation -Does the … Continue reading Lab 5

I can relate…can you?

Henry Chinaski is the tough and rough character that Charles Bukowski portrayed as his younger self in the novel Ham on Rye. In the novel this character gets into many fights and even becomes a leader of a group of kids he may rather not have around. He is the defender of underdogs and is also an underdog himself although he tries to hide this with the persona he puts out to the world. The beauty of this novel for me aside from how well written and raw the book is, would be the way I can personally relate to the … Continue reading I can relate…can you?